About Us

Coupoly, which offers the largest restaurant search and reservation service with 3500+ members in the UK and at the same time progressed to the world leader in e-learning with 2500+ and Healthcare.

Coupoly brings thousands of users in many categories to the services they want to buy according to their needs. With its new service, it offers its users the opportunity to find and compare and book through the Coupoly. The user can benefit from the various categories in one platform. The user will be able to easily find the services and get doctor appointments, online zoom learning with the highly experienced tutor around the world or book a table for the local restaurants.

The merchants will be able to offer their services online and post blogs or videos to target customers and build detailed pages with rich content landing pages. By establishing social touch with the potential customer will make a significant contribution to the tutors, doctors and local businesses in increasing the number of customers.

You can be a Coupoly Business Partner to benefit from this innovation in the fastest and most effective way. The benefits of the process for your organization are as follows.

Unique Benefits of Coupoly:

  • Coupoly is one of the top 5 booking platforms in the UK.
  • Via Coupoly; 3500+ restaurants from the UK and 2,000+ instructors from the USA & EU provide service to users.
  • Coupoly gets 1K to 5K + clicks per day. With the activation of e-learning and Healthcare services, this number is increasing day by day.
  • Coupoly provides important steps in finding patients and branding by cross-marketing to 5 thousand + visitor traffic, direct promotion to end-users and existing member companies.
  • Using 3000+ keywords, Coupoly is organically on the first page of UK search engines and offers a strong visibility and branding service to its business partners.
  • Coupoly, by taking advantage of its power in search engines, works for your brand to rise above the competition in international Google search results and to increase your brand power even more. Carries you above your competitors in the UK
  • As Google My Business Partner, we support Google Branding activities.
  • Now Coupoly provides blogs and articles Tag targeted keywords and publish a post and make your detail page more organically visible and get more clicks.

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